Do you have a burning question about recruitment and the process? Check to see if your answer is here first. If it’s not, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team; we’re always happy to answer any and all questions.

Welcome! We’re glad you have found your way here! We aim to make the process as enjoyable and as simple as possible. Each journey to find an opportunity is different. But a broad idea of what takes place is shown in the below steps:

  • We receive your CV and pass it onto a consultant relevant to your skills and experience
  • If they think they can help you they will then generally give you a call to organise a time to come in and meet with them
  • If an interview is arranged, you will usually be asked to complete our registration forms, then you will interview with someone from our team to find out more about what you are looking for and where we could help
  • Everything going well, your consultant will then start working hard to find the right role for you!
It is completely free of charge for all candidates! There is no cost involved if you wish to register with us as a candidate.
Interviews can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. This all depends on your CV and what information needs to be covered. We do recommend putting aside an hour for the interview.
You sure can! You are welcome to register with multiple consultancies.
The recruitment and hiring process is different depending on the clients we work with. Each client has a different process that varies in timeframe. You could walk through our door on a Monday and into an interview for a role on the Tuesday and be starting your new job the following Monday! That is ideal, but this cannot always be the case due to clients needing to follow their own processes. Therefore, it could also take over a month for us to find you the right fit.
When we bring you in for an interview, we generally go through your CV with you and offer advice on how to get it perfect. We also have a downloadable resource about helpful CV tips dos and don’ts – you can download that here.
Yes, we recommend it when you apply for a specific role,make sure it is tailored to that particular position.
We prefer Word format for all our CVs. That way we can assist you with formatting and make changes with you easily. If it is in PDF form, we usually have to convert it in Word, so we definitely prefer Word first.
Absolutely! While we recommend that you initially speak directly with your consultant as they can give you more specific advice tailored for you, we also have several downloadable resources that you can find here. These include tips on how to write a winning CV, interview tips and how to work with your consultant. If you have any further ideas of resources you would like to see, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
If we have put you forward for a role, it is commonplace to hear from us on a weekly basis for updates. If you have come in for a general interview and we have not yet found you a role, don’t be worried if you don’t hear from us for a few weeks. However, we are happy for our candidates to touch base with us to let us know you are still looking for work and available.
Enhancing the candidate experience increases your chances of attracting quality talent and improving your employer brand. And because you are not the first one to ask, we have prepared a brochure right here packed with our best tips!