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  • Momentum is...

    - an All of Government recruitment services provider - an eclectic group of resourceful and experienced recruitment specialists - the place where "Better Never Stops"
  • Recruitment Specialists focused on your success

    Based in Auckland and Wellington with a focus on the national market - We are Recruiters with the drive, passion and expertise to ensure great outcomes for our clients and candidates
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Bernadette Sharkey-Burns

Bernadette started life at Momentum as a Candidate Manager; giving her... read more

Israel Jon BW8C2

Jon Israel

Having been an integral part of the Momentum team since 2000,... read more

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Johnny Gowland

Born in Wellington, and relocated across the world to multiple cities... read more

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  • Solutions Through Innovation

    Posted on 03 August

    The Ministry for Social Development has a purpose; “to help New Zealanders to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent”. A commitment made to Kiwi's and brought to life by Kiwi's.

  • Leading the Leaders

    Posted on 16 June

    When the role calls for a leader who can lead the leaders within an organisation, a number of adjectives instantly spring into our minds as to how this person would behave; the skill set they would bring and the way in which they would present and carry themselves.