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  • Momentum is...

    - an All of Government recruitment services provider - an eclectic group of resourceful and experienced recruitment specialists - the place where "Better Never Stops"
  • Recruitment Specialists focused on your success

    Based in Auckland and Wellington with a focus on the national market - We are Recruiters with the drive, passion and expertise to ensure great outcomes for our clients and candidates
Paul Parlane

Paul Parlane

Paul has been a Senior Recruitment Consultant with Momentum since 2004,... read more

2014 08 08 Coote Momentum 143

Ian Shand

Ian has held a number of senior financial, business and leadership... read more

2013 06 13 Mel Holland 168

Mel Holland

Mel brings energy, enthusiasm and drive to deliver to the highest... read more

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Latest News

  • Investing in Our Talented Candidates

    Posted on 22 May

    Candidate Care: A phrase often bandied about in recruitment offices, yet there doesn’t seem to be any consensus in terms of what this is or on how we should go about achieving a high level of ‘Candidate Care’.   

  • Seeking 'The Complete Package'

    Posted on 08 May

    I am always intrigued when people talk about being or looking for the ‘complete package’. Mostly because each person has their own view on what this looks like shaped by their own experiences and needs at that given moment.