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    Based in Auckland and Wellington with a focus on the national market - We are Recruiters with the drive, passion and expertise to ensure great outcomes for our clients and candidates
Hawthorn Mereana BW

Mereana Hawthorn

Mereana has had a highly accomplished career in the media and... read more

2013 06 13 Coote Momentum 281

Ian Kennedy

Ian has a strong background in Marketing Communications and Analysis having... read more

Heir Tina BW

Christina Heir

Christina has had a successful recruitment career working as part of... read more

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  • Eye For Detial...And Other CV Don'ts

    Posted on 26 November

    You want your CV noticed by recruiters and prospective employers for all the right reasons so go that extra mile to cut out the grammatical errors, spelling errors and a few other 'pet peeves' that just won't endear your CV to any of the people you are hoping to impress.

  • Housing Reform - A Chance to Make A Difference

    Posted on 21 November

    April 2014 brought the dawn of a new 'Affordable Housing' policy that spelt not only the end of Housing New Zealand's 'House For Life' policy but also a new age and attitude in terms of how housing will be allocated and by whom.  The old system was, in its attempt to give aid and assistance, simply entrenching individuals, families and generations in a cycle of poverty that gave no opportunity to move away from dependence on state housing.