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  • Momentum is...

    - an All of Government recruitment services provider - an eclectic group of resourceful and experienced recruitment specialists - the place where "Better Never Stops"
  • Recruitment Specialists focused on your success

    Based in Auckland and Wellington with a focus on the national market - We are Recruiters with the drive, passion and expertise to ensure great outcomes for our clients and candidates
Hawthorn Mereana BW

Mereana Hawthorn

Mereana has had a highly accomplished career in the media and... read more

2013 06 13 Coote Momentum 281

Ian Kennedy

Ian has a strong background in Marketing Communications and Analysis having... read more

Heir Tina BW

Christina Heir

Christina has had a successful recruitment career working as part of... read more

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    Posted on 18 November

    The resignation of CERA boss, Roger Sutton, has some questioning their own behaviour and possibly, the behaviour of their bosses and colleagues within the workplace. 

  • Is Your Star on the Rise?

    Posted on 16 October

    Do you aspire to be a part of a large national public relations, marketing and communications company?  Have you ever dreamt of a company that practises an integrated and collaborative approach geographically as well as across all disciplines?