We’ve always believed in connecting the strengths of different parties to create something bigger and more effective, so we’re doing that closer to home by combining Velocity Recruitment with its parent company, Momentum Consulting.

Both companies are leaders in their respective recruitment areas, but together we’ll offer clients and candidates much broader opportunities and connections. Our staff will remain the same, we will keep the same processes, high standards and most importantly, the high energy approach to everything we do. The key changes are that Velocity will be known as Momentum and the positions and people we recruit for, will expand.

We set up Velocity in 2008 to deliver a standout alternative in Business Support recruitment. We grew quickly and solidly thanks to clients and candidates who valued our experience, support, speed and collaborative approach – 92% of clients are repeat customers. That personal approach to business and genuine connection with the people we work with mirrors Momentum exactly.

Momentum is one of New Zealand’s most respected recruitment companies specialising in contracting and permanent positions. Like Velocity, we have offices in Auckland and Wellington with a dedicated and talented team of people who get up in the morning to help people and businesses grow.

We take a team approach to recruitment, so our clients and candidates get the power of combined experience, but each client and candidate has one point of contact to ensure we understand the real needs and work to find the best match.

With the union, all this has been magnified. It will be business as normal, but with a bigger reach and more potential for everyone, we work with.

At Momentum it’s always about the people – individual attention to make it Greater Together.