Do you have a friend, family member or ex-colleague looking for work?

Have you enjoyed being a candidate of ours and think someone else would too?

We would love to meet them! If they are placed by us in a new role, as a thank you for sending them our way, you can choose from one of two gifts on us. The amount of people you recommend to us is also unlimited, so start referring so you can enjoy the rewards.

The gifts you can choose from are:

$200 Donation to Charity
$200 Prezzy Card

Easy! All you have to do is give us a call on 04 499 6161 (WGTN), 09 306 5500 (AKL) or send us an email to, with the person’s details that you would like to refer to us
    1. The referrer has the choice of either a $200 donation to charity or a $200 Prezzy card if the person referred is placed to either a permanent role or in a contract role which has a duration of at least three calendar months.
    2. The referral must be placed by Momentum within three months of Momentum receiving the referral
    3. The referee will receive their gift AFTER the referred person has BEGUN their job or contract.
    4. The referred person must NOT be currently ‘Active’ on the Momentum database

    [Definition of active: A candidate who is currently contracting or has contacted Momentum within the last 6 months]

    1. The referral gift is given to the referrer who refers that person first, i.e. a person can only be referred to Momentum once, by one individual
    2. The referred person must NOT have applied directly through an advert, have been contacted by the Momentum team in the last 6 months or currently be on a contract through Momentum.
    3. Momentum will not provide a referral gift for historic referrals where no information was provided prior to placement.
Unlike other consultancies, we will issue your gift to you as soon as your refereed person BEGINS their contract. Once we have confirmed your referral and their start date, we will send you an email with details on your gift and how to claim it.