We’re really proud to have re-launched our Refer a Friend program in conjunction with SOS Business and their SOS Gift Cards.  We’re now offering $500, $250 and $100 SOS Gift Cards* as a thank you for referring a friend, family member or ex-colleague who’s placed by us in a new role.

Whilst COVID-19 and the resulting Nationwide Lockdown certainly threw spanners in the works, some amazing things were created as well. We are happy to announce that as part of our Refer a Friend programme, we have partnered with the incredible team behind SOS Business, a not-for-profit initiative that supports local businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you successfully refer a friend to us, you can choose a voucher from their website that includes various local hospitality and services businesses across New Zealand.

Help us, and we will help local!

  • $500 SOS Gift Card – For a successful referral placed in a permanent role
  • $250 SOS Gift Card – For a successful referral placed in a contract role of more than six months
  • $100 SOS Gift Card – For a successful referral placed in a temporary role of more than three months.


We’re also keen to help muster up as much support as possible for SOS Business, and wanted to provide you with the same opportunity to support small local businesses to help with their recovery.  So let us tell you a little bit more about SOS Business and how you might be able to help our local businesses across New Zealand.


SOS Business is a not-for-profit initiative that provides a way for Kiwis to buy vouchers from their favourite NZ businesses to help them with the cash they need now. SOS Business also makes it easy for larger organisations to support our smaller NZ businesses to help with their recovery.


Join other corporates like us at Momentum who are using this opportunity to support small NZ businesses by buying SOS Gift Cards to gift to your staff or customers instead of traditional staff rewards or campaigns. Be part of NZ’s economic recovery by supporting these smaller businesses today!


  1. Purchase 10 or more SOS Gift Cards
  2. Gift to staff or customers
  3. Recipient redeems Gift Card for a voucher at their chosen local cafe, restaurant or business at
  4. Local cafe, restaurant or business receives the value of the voucher**



Talk to Kelly Banks or Janine Williams about how SOS Gift Cards could work for your organisation, so that they can help make an impact for your staff, customers and our small Kiwi Businesses who need us!

Kelly 0211 566 566 or Janine 027 478 1711

Share with other marketers or HR Managers

If you have anyone else in your community whom you think would like to support SOS Business by purchasing SOS Gift Cards, then please share within your communities!

*Momentum Terms & Conditions apply.

**T’s &C’s apply. 5% admin fee applies.