Project Description

Tom Stephens

Principal Consultant – IT & Business Transformation

My Biography

Tom is a Principal Consultant in the IT and Business Transformation space within the Momentum family. With a BCom in Marketing and Management and a post graduate diploma in Tourism from the University of Otago, Tom brings a wealth of formal education to his role. His studies were well utilised in several roles within large enterprises across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Tom enjoyed the dynamic nature of his roles in procurement, logistics and project governance, and relished the opportunity to build strong relationship management skills over time. After eight years working in Project Management and PMOs, Tom was drawn to the opportunity to make positive changes to people’s lives in recruitment. Motivated by getting things right the first time and by his ability to relate to client expectations, Tom’s working knowledge of project management is invaluable to Momentum.

My Why

I am a recruitment consultant to make a difference to candidates and clients alike.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

A satellite phone, a hammock, and a decent bottle of scotch.

My Weekend

Playing rugby socially, golf poorly, and enjoying the occasional craft beer.

My Success

Having my daughters.

My Alternative

Travel writer.