Project Description

Peter Sing

Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics & Customer Insights

My Biography

Peter Sing is a specialist for recruitment and career advice in the advancing market of all things Data, from Data Science through to Business Intelligence, Analytics and Customer Insights. With a 15+ years career in the legal profession in the UK before emigrating to the shores of New Zealand in early 2015,  Peter moved into recruitment due to his passion for people. He moved quickly to working with many of the leading enterprise level brands and helping them to establish their centralised data teams through multiple and repeat assignments, as well providing assistance to niche data focused companies. Peter brings a very personable approach and prides himself on truly understanding the needs of both his clients and candidates and providing honest and straightforward advice through his extensive market knowledge of the data space.

My Why

First and foremost I am a people person and really enjoy understanding what makes people tick which hopefully all helps in them finding the next step in their career and at the same time helping organisations perform better.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Definitely a cold beer along with a frisbee and some music.

My Weekend

In the summer months, you will normally find us exploring all the best that NZ has to offer in our camper van sometimes with mountain bikes in tow. The winter months are mostly spent on the ski slopes of that active volcano, Mt Ruapheu – still find that hard to comprehend!

My Success

I actually think making the successful move to NZ and at the same time making a change of career from the law to recruitment.

My Alternative

Something in travel for sure be it a travel advisor or better still a pilot.