Project Description

Olivia Kelsey

Digital Creative Director

My Biography

Olivia is our Digital Creative Director who generates all of our design and marketing content. After graduating from Otago University with an Honours Degree in Theatre and Indigenous Development, Olivia moved to Wellington in 2014 to build a career in the Arts industry. With several years’ as a contractor in Performing Arts working as an Actor, Stage and Tour Manager, Olivia felt the need for a more stable career that offered more flexibility. Initially joining Momentum as our Receptionist and Office Manager, Olivia showed an eye for creative design and began to develop new graphic materials for the company. Due to her passion and dedication, Olivia was offered the opportunity to work on her designs full time and became a core member of the team in 2016 as our Creative Director. In only a short period at Momentum Olivia has taught herself how to use programmes such as InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects to produce professional and exciting new materials that the company are proud to call their own.

My Why

I love my work family, they keep me here! But I also love an environment where I am free to learn and develop new skills, I have that freedom of creativity here.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Kindle with lots of books loaded onto it. A Jetski not to escape, but for fun, and Castaway Tom Hanks…he was stranded for a very long time, I feel like he will have some tips

My Weekends

Mainly pizza. I love cooking, so am usually found flicking through cook books and looking up recipes and trying them out on the weekends.

My Success

I once cooked two minute noodles in one minute.

My Alternative

I tend to love most jobs I do, I think you can make anything enjoyable if you put a lot of energy and positivity into it. But I would love to travel the world tasting new cuisines and making videos of my experiences, so I guess that is a glorified YouTuber nowadays!? Or I wouldn’t turn down the role of a judge on Masterchef.