Project Description

Nick Roberts

Chief Executive Officer & Director

My Biography

As a CA-qualified accountant, Nick brings over a decade of experience and management skills to the Momentum family as our CEO. After several years working in the UK in a variety of industries including banking, electronics and investment funds, Nick moved to New Zealand to join Momentum as CFO in 2012. Driven by his passion for people and performance, coupled with a drive for innovation, Nick is a forward thinking, supportive leader. Nick strives to be like the best leaders and is pleased Liverpool FC has Jürgen Klopp as the manager who is patient, positive and passionate. With a busy work life and busy weekends at Junglerama with his two girls, Nick still finds the time to contribute to the company’s positive work culture, providing support and family values to all staff. Nick encourages an environment where his team can excel and be the best they can be, to never put a limit on potential. Inspired by those that put others first, Nick pushes boundaries, takes risks and allows others to follow their dreams.

My Why

Life is short and precious.  As leader of the business I truly believe in inspiring people to reach their goals and have fun in getting there. I get energy from people and therefore love spending time learning about our staff, clients and candidates and hopefully making a difference.  Playing a supporting role in someone else’s success or being there to pick them up is hugely rewarding. Live without fear, prejudice or limitations.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Family of course, a book and pen to finally finish my book (hopefully that counts as one!), and a tool box with everything you need to build and hunt in it.

My Weekend

Family time. With two kids under three I can normally be found climbing around at Junglerama, at Zealandia or at the Zoo.

My Success

I haven’t climbed Mt Everest or written The Pilgrim’s Progress but to Holly, Daddy is amazing when he does the simplest of things in life. I’ve already achieved so much but there is always another challenge laying ahead.

My Alternative

When I was growing up I was desperate to be a pilot on Concorde. I loved the idea of being able to travel at twice the speed of sound. But sadly, being colour blind and 24 when Concorde was retired, that was the end of my dream.