Project Description

Matthew Nauschutz

Consultant – IT & Business Transformation

My Biography

With a people-centric career background, Matthew Nauschutz joined the Momentum family as a Consultant in the IT and Business Transformation space in 2018. Matthew’s work experience has consistently been customer orientated having worked in retail and holding job titles such as User and Customer Experience Coordinator at Inland Revenue. Matthew is experienced in looking after a vast portfolio of government and private sector clients that covered both contract and permanent placements within the IT and Business Transformation industries. Naturally driven, Matthew also has a background in Martial Arts and brings that focus and competitive nature to his work. Always looking to challenge himself, Matthew believes you should do something you are proud of and enjoys helping his candidates find their passion and dream job.

My Why

Two reasons really. The first is around helping clients find the talent they are looking for; talent that really makes a difference to their organisations and hopefully has an impact on New Zealand. Secondly, I really enjoy meeting candidates and helping them to find their dream jobs – I’m a big believer of doing something that you are passionate about, and I get a real buzz from helping someone do this.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

A large crate of beer, a doner kebab with fries, and a pillow.

My Weekend

I’m either spending the entire weekend on the couch binge watching telly with my wife, or heading out for bush walks during the day and parties/family at night.

My Success

This would be doing my black-belt in 2011 – this was such a physical and mental challenge that played a vital part in the person I have become today. I plan to do my second black-belt at the end of 2018 and looking  very forward to facing this challenge again.

My Alternative

I would travel the world with my wife partaking in various volunteer Aid work roles.