Project Description

Lee-Anne Thomson

Senior Consultant – IT & Business Transformation

My Biography

As a Technology Recruiter with 20-odd years’ experience, Lee-Anne does more than wrangle tech buzzwords, she really understands the people she’s talking to. Throughout her career, both here in New Zealand and in South Africa, Lee-Anne has worked with high-performing organisations and leaders, helping them transform their businesses by hiring the right people. Her recruitment network is wide and varied, crossing continents, oceans, languages and cultures – and her goal is simple – match the right job seeker with the right employer and watch the partnership soar. She also did a stint as a work/life balance consultant in the tech industry, helping people carve out the best balance in their lives, in this ever-connected, 24/7, enmeshed world. So, in a nutshell, she loves her work, she loves tech people and she loves seeing them succeed at life.

My Why

The people, the relationships and the buzz of a placement.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

An ark, many animals and a diverse group of smart people (including my loved ones).

My Weekend

Weekends are for creativity, doing something good for the environment and enjoying the abundance of life that New Zealand has to offer.

My Success

Marrying the right person and completing a Master’s degree.

My Alternative

Being a Greenpeace Activist.