Project Description

Johnny Gowland

Senior Consultant – Government Policy, Strategy & Advisory

My Biography

Wellington born Johnny Gowland joined the Momentum family as a Senior Consultant in the Government Policy, Strategy and Advisory Space. Johnny spearheaded various project recruitment campaigns, delivering success to several organisations in a professional and consultative manner. After three years in internal recruitment, Johnny missed the government policy and business transformation sector of recruitment as it dealt more directly with people. Bringing 15 years of experience and good humour to the team, Johnny can understand specific candidate skills and successfully match those to your organisation’s needs.

My Why

I love the people aspect to the role, every day is as random as the next, people’s behaviours can surprise, invigorate, infuriate you and nothing is predictable. The other great thing is the gratitude you receive from clients and candidates in understanding, sourcing and finding that right person or role.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

I already own one. Located 25.0000 North and 71.00000 degrees East this purpose built Caribbean island was bequeathed to me by the late Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who I had the pleasure of working with during my Peace Corps years in the 70’s. Between juggling my work with the Peace Corps stationed in Guatemala, publishing three books on whale behavioural psychology and recruitment, I managed to just squeeze some time in to take three things to my island.

My favourite pub – Built to the exact dimensions as the original and even comes with the same regulars, staff and craft beverages! Even you may be at this pub.

My girlfriend – Just to keep things on track.

My Weekends

As busy as I can make it – events, gigs, celebrations, sports, movies.

My Success

Really, just all the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet through my life either through work, travelling or just on the street.

My Alternative

I’ll be a World renowned, Pulitzer Prize, Marine Psychologist.