Project Description

Gwen Le Corre

Business Insights Analyst

My Biography

With a background in law and interior design, Gwen is a part of the Momentum family as our Business Insights Analyst. After having gained a Bachelor and Masters in Law, Gwen le Corre practiced business law for 2 years’ in France before looking for a career change in the creative sector. Moving to New Zealand to establish herself within this space, Gwen commenced work in the interior design industry, establishing and growing a large customer base. After 3 years’ in this industry, Gwen reviewed her career aspirations and found herself attracted to the social and customer centric sector of recruitment. Bringing positivity and determination to her work, Gwen is an asset to the Momentum family.

My Why

I don’t believe our work defines who we are, but that who we are defines the type of work that we do. I want to help people find a position where they can express their personality and feel fulfilled.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Even after more than 4 years’ in New Zealand, my French side won’t let me leave without at least a bottle of wine, a piece of cheese and a baguette!

My Weekend

All about dancing! I’ve been dancing Latin dances for the last 4 years’ and teach Kizomba (African Tango). And if I’m not dancing, you will find me in a recycle boutique, trying to find the perfect little skirt or top.

My Success

Leaving my family and my comfortable career in France that was satisfying my hunger for life and moving to New Zealand.

My Alternative

An actress in Hollywood…changing personality with each role and being all glam on the red carpet!