Project Description

Gwen Le Corre

Business Insights Analyst

My Biography

With a background in law and interior design, Gwen is a part of the Momentum family as our Business Insights Analyst. After having gained a Bachelor and Masters in Law, Gwen le Corre practiced business law for 2 years’ in France before looking for a career change in the creative sector. Moving to New Zealand to establish herself within this space, Gwen commenced work in the interior design industry, establishing and growing a large customer base. After 3 years’ in this industry, Gwen reviewed her career aspirations and found herself attracted to the social and customer centric sector of recruitment. Bringing positivity and determination to her work, Gwen is an asset to the Momentum family.

My Why

I’m a problem solver! In both my professional and personal life, I continually identify and implement new and better ways to do everything. And by everything, I mean everything!

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

A hammock ( let’s hope there are trees around), a cool friend (so I don’t lose my mind), and a recorder (so one day, someone can listen to the story of how, one day, I got stuck on a desert island).

My Weekend

All about dancing! I’ve been dancing Latin dances for the last 7 years’ and teach Zouk, a brazilian dance style. Most of my weekends are for practice and dancing events in Australia and New Zealand, if not somewhere else in the world!

My Success

Leaving a comfortable life in France to move across the world!

My Alternative

An actress in Hollywood…changing personality with each role and being all glam on the red carpet!