Project Description

Eliza Kell

Accounts Payable & Payroll

My Biography

A loyal and dedicated member of the Momentum family, Eliza is our valued Accounts Payable Officer based in Auckland. Being a mother to not only her children but an entire office, Eliza enjoys helping people to succeed on a daily basis, and ensuring that they enjoy their working day collectively. Always first to offer a hand and assist where possible, Eliza is an incredibly committed individual with over 11 years’ at Momentum. Fueled by her passion for family, Eliza ensures that the Auckland office is always looking for new ways to stay involved and consistently positive. Spearheading our move to the new office building, Eliza’s organisational and people skills shone through, allowing the move to be seamless. Eliza is an incredibly devoted and reliable individual, and we are unsure where Momentum would be without her.

My Why

I’m loyal and dedicated to my work family. Love them.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Husband and two daughters.

My Weekend

Chill with the kids and enjoy some down time.

My Success

Having my beautiful daughters, and at work being part of a team win.

My Alternative

A teacher.