Project Description

Ciaran Duffy

Candidate Manager – IT & Business Transformation

My Biography

Having spent many years in Hospitality, Ciaran has a natural focus on customer service and a bit of an Irish gift for the gab. He has many years of experience in Wellingtons’ Craft Beer Scene and is a founding member of Wellington local JuiceHead Beer, a small beer company with a big vision. His people skills and entrepreneurial approach to life made Recruitment a logical career choice and he loves playing a part in helping someone find their perfect job.

My Why

I’m a people person!

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

I only need one thing: a 100 ft luxury yacht (that has my friends, family, music, sunscreen, and Juicehead Beer!)

My Weekends

Saturday and Sunday…

My Success

My newly born baby boy.

My Alternative

Does Bitcoin count?


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