Project Description

Anna Collins

Office Manager – Wellington

My Biography

Anna is the bubbly and hyper-organised Office Manager for the Wellington team. Anna joined Momentum after working in the hospitality industry holding job titles such as Senior Duty Manager and Restaurant Manager. Originally from County Cork in Ireland, Anna was drawn to work within an industry that focused around people. That initially led Anna to the hospitality industry, looking after and building relationships with people at the core. However, the desire for a bit more diversity and to push herself into new skills led Anna to her current role at Momentum. Knowing that Anna plays a part in changing someone’s life by helping them into a new career drives Anna’s work and makes her a committed member of the Momentum family.

My Why

I like that it is not entirely office based, there is the added factor of running little events and mingling with people it’s hospo without the terrible pay and lack of benefits!

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

“The Power of One” by Bryce Courtenay, my best friend and ALL THE WINE!

My Weekend

Shopping at the local markets followed by cooking delicious food. Catching up with friends over wine and pizza at my local.

My Success

Moving across the world and starting a life from scratch on my own.

My Alternative

Running a wee deli/café/ type place in Italy and eating Gelato EVERYDAY!


team-phone 04 499 6161