Project Description

Alahna Walker


My Biography

Starting her career shortly after High School, Alahna gained over four years’ experience in customer service and administration and joins us now to further her career as a Recruitment Consultant. Driven by the need for a new challenge, Alahna was attracted to the people centric nature of recruitment and the desire to help people achieve their career success. Speed to market is crucial to Alahna’s work as she prides herself on her efficiency and strong desire to finish any job she starts promptly. An ambitious individual, Alahna has a determined and driven personality that is positively placed within the Momentum team.

My Why

Ultimately, to help people find their dream job. We only have one life so it’s important to make sure you spend it doing something you love!

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

If we are going to be practical I would have to say a lighter, a towel and a lifetime supply of avocados, because avocados are practical.

My Weekend

If I’m not out socialising with friends, family or hitting the gym, you will find me scoping out some of Auckland’s top cafes…I’m a huge fan of ‘Brunching’! I’m also a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic!

My Success

Winning Receptionist of the year, twice in a row at my old position. Also being a senior member of an award winning customer service team.

My Alternative

I’d be super super famous, for anything! As long as the outcome eventuates to extreme wealth so I can live out the rest of my life on a secluded island – with endless brunching and shopping of course!


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