At Momentum we wish to be part of the solution to the issues that face our Planet and Society. We have a commitment to our People, the Environment and our wider Community.

There are many issues facing both people and planet today, including climate change and intensive resource use to population growth. There are impacts on indigenous communities and social inequality. We must all do something now not by 2030 otherwise it will be too late.

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We believe we need to take responsibility to positively impact our world and encourage humanity stewardship. By building brand substance, we ensure that sustainability is not just a cosmetic façade but is woven into our corporate strategy and integrated throughout our business practices. We are also doing it because it makes good business sense to reduce our bills and susceptibility to increasing energy prices; resilience and adaptability are also important factors of sustainability.

In our work and throughout the business, Momentum takes a holistic approach to sustainability, actively engaging with the interrelated issues of economy, society, environment and corporate governance. It is not an endpoint to be reached but is an ongoing process of continual betterment.


Our vision for the future is to be an exemplar business for good sustainable practice. Momentum will not only act in accordance with NZ Environmental legislation in the pursuit of its business goals, but will go beyond compliance to ensure that Momentum makes a positive impact to society and the environment.

We are striving towards a situation where we can honestly say that we are becoming the most sustainable we can be on all scales: individually, collectively; thinking about our communities, nationally and internationally.