When the world is apparently more connected than ever before, I can’t help but think that we are still suffering from a major disconnect. In August I wrote a blog on how the rise of social media can make you feel inadequate (Read blog here). Recently, a family holiday has reinforced my previous thoughts on technology.

Suddenly with technology and our own personal devices, work and life seem to be merging closer than ever before. Whilst there are obvious major advantages with having the world at our fingertips, it seems to also come at a cost.

I’ve recently spent a week on holiday in Piha which has been wonderful, it’s given me a break from the all-encompassing world of recruitment, a break from the daily grind. It has also given me time to reset, recalibrate and spend some much needed time with my kids. It’s given me the freedom to go on a walk when I want to and to just have some time out.

Unfortunately for my husband, this happens to be his busiest work week – while he has been here at Piha in person, he hasn’t been here 100% in spirit. A big part of his world (though I’m sure he hates to admit this) between helping me with the dishes, playing with kids, putting them to bed or changing a nappy, has been focussed on work. He has literally been tied to his laptop most nights till 1 am at the least. He hasn’t had a break in a long time and now this, much needed highly anticipated, enforced kindy holiday break, has been super stressful for him, and off the back of it, for me too.

So what’s the moral of the story? When you are taking a holiday a) make sure you don’t take your laptop b) make sure you don’t take your phone c) give someone the work to do so it is not on your shoulders d) take the annual leave and enjoy it.

If you’re so indispensable that your work can’t give you a week off – there is a problem.

life is short, you are not going to get this time with your family back and if work is so important, what’s the point in even attempting to have a holiday!