Great Executive Assistants are hard to find.

Finding someone who knows what needs to be done without being asked and has the organisational prowess of Monica from Friends is, well, almost as hard as finding a dinosaur yourself. We know there was a time where they were here…but not so much anymore.

Traditionally, careers in Administration began at Reception. Receptionists bring the balance of being organised and friendly to a corporate environment in a general sense; at the most basic level, keeping stock of office supplies and ensuring visitors are greeted with a smile. Should a Receptionist realise his or her strength in being organised, one may land an opportunity as a Team Administrator, and eventually as a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant.

So where have they gone? Team Administrators still exist, as do Receptionists. Enter: The Project Space.

What hasn’t gone anywhere is the ever-growing need for project support. The digital climate of the past 20 years has shaped the way we look at new business strategies and transformation like no other. Have a look at the IT and Business Transformation listings on your favourite job board. It is busy and needs the administrative support to help keep it going.

Candidates with backgrounds in administration are realising the true lucrative and career changing opportunities the project space can offer – working as an EA, while rewarding and fulfilling, might not be as enticing in comparison.

For example, the average Project Administrator salary can vary between $60k-$80k at an administrative level. Should you obtain the skills and experience to lend you a more technical opportunity, you can earn upwards of $80k-$120k. You could even work as a Project Manager with the right training and experience. An EA doesn’t typically have the opportunity to jump into a CEO role perhaps. Hopefully, great EAs won’t become extinct. Not in the digital age, anyway.