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Cillín Hearns, Founder and Director of Results Coaching, will deliver an insightful and often over looked aspect of leadership development. For many people, this is the glass ceiling that prevents them from making the leap from follower to leader.

It has been said that, “We rise to the level of our own incompetence.” The challenge with most of us is that we are not aware of the gaps in our competency or how, for that matter, we can move past them. For this reason, we remain stuck in our careers and don’t know how to advance. The higher up the career ladder we go the more pronounced our leadership skills become but what are leadership skills and how can we attain them?

The purpose of this presentation is to provide the basis of understanding to those who wish to become leaders of themselves and/or of others. We will explore the importance of leadership skills for career advancement and why there is a different approach needed to learning these skills as opposed to, say, risk analysis. This workshop will create an awareness of what leadership really is and provide an in-depth look at the key competencies needed to become a true leader regardless of title.

About Results Coaching
Founded in 2011, Results Coaching (formerly Setanta Consulting), is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing coaching practices. Our promise is to expand the horizons of our clients measured by observable growth through coaching and training events. As one participant put it, “This is the type of talk I’m looking for at my stage of my career, i.e. focuses on personal development rather than technical skills.”

About Cillín Hearns
An Irishman living in New Zealand, Cillín has a strong background in information technology and consulting. He has several years experience in project management and project governance. Cillín has led project teams through multiple concurrent projects ranging in size from $300k to $12m. He has also had the good fortune to lead and develop up to 12 teams of 140 consultants of various disciplines including Agile, DevOps, Test Analysis, Business Analysis, and Architecture so he knows what it takes to deliver.

Giving back to the community is important to Cillín. That’s why he set up the Wellington Leadership Group and the Wellington Coaches Network. With over 1,300 members in the Leadership Group, Cillín speaks on a range of topics on everything from holding difficult conversations and giving feedback to personal effectiveness and high-performing teams. With a vision to raise the level of coaching throughout New Zealand, Cillín facilitates mini workshops to advance coaching skills across all coaching disciplines and team leaders.

As a Leadership and Performance Coach, Cillín has worked with people from a range of backgrounds and at every level of the organisation. His style is both relaxed and professional with a large dose of humour at the right times which is summed up nicely by this feedback, “Fantastic – this guy rocks! Amazing speaker. The session was motivating and inspiring.”

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