With over 50 recruitment companies in Auckland alone (and growing), you could say that the market is getting very competitive! All these businesses are fighting to find the best candidates to fill your roles. A lot of the time, they are fighting for the same candidates. Great candidates are very active on their job hunt and will usually register with 4-5 recruitment companies to ensure they keep their options open. By doing this, they have a broad view of what the Auckland market has to offer and can be considered for multiple positions at one time.

Things to keep in mind once you have met a great candidate;


From the get-go, ensure the consultancy is supplied with a clear job description and understands what is needed from the role and what qualities/attributes the ideal candidate should possess. When job briefs change deep into the recruitment process, with or without the consultancy knowing, it can become confusing for the candidate, and defer them from wanting to work for an organisation.


Once there is a preferred candidate, it is important to communicate as quickly as possible with the consultancy to give feedback. This can be the difference between a successful hire or not, as it is only human nature to want to know how you got on. Candidates are more likely to make themselves available for a potential job offer if they are kept in the loop.


They happen all the time. Candidates are sometimes not completely forth-coming with other roles they have on the go. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can control or change, but what we can do is let our clients know that the best way to prevent these is to make hiring decisions as quickly as possible. Drawn out recruitment processes are the most common way to lose a candidate to a competitor.


These days, candidates are acutely aware of what their skills are worth in dollars. All it takes is a quick Google search, and you can have the information in front of you. They are also aware that they could potentially be earning more money at another company, regardless of how keen they are to work for your organisation. Its best to ensure when an offer is made, the salary is reflective of the skills required for the job or the preferred candidate might walk.

Due to the Auckland market becoming so competitive, we have had to steer away from traditional recruitment methods, to stay on top of the great candidates. Here at Velocity Recruitment, we have a unique team approach that sets us apart from other consultancies. Instead of one consultant, you have six working on your role. Our coverage is much greater and faster, and our communication with candidates is genuine and transparent. However, it is primarily up to our clients to miss out on their preferred candidate. Acting fast is your best bet to secure that front runner!