Psychometric Assessment

Why use Psychometric Assessment?

It's easy to make a bad hire, and it's usually expensive and stressful.  Effective selection approaches, often including psychometric assessment, can reduce such risks.

Taking time to find out about and measure the personality, ability and aptitude of individuals has a number of clear advantages for those who are making hiring decisions.  Objectivity is a key advantage of this type of assessment, tests reduce bias and personal perspective as well as providing valuable information for making an informed hiring decision.

Psychometric tools are used to:

  • Manage the selection process
  • Manage staff turnover effectively
  • Understand what it is that makes high performers tick and attract new staff of this nature
  • Have an effective formal way of assessing performance
  • Measure both effective team and individual performance
  • Provide a good handle on what staff are thinking and feeling
  • Manage the restructuring process


Our assessment services can be applied to a variety of organisational needs, such as:

  • Recruitment - either as part of an internally conducted process or through an outside recruitment consultancy.
  • Training and Development - to match skills against the market place and to identify skill gaps.
  • Identifying Performance Related Competencies - by using a statistical correlation of performance evaluations against competency measures.  An organisation can then identify which competencies are specifically related to performance.  This information enables the organisation to test and adjust its competency model accordingly.
  • Career Development and Outplacement - to assist in identifying transferable skills and promotable strengths as well as potential careers.

Psychometric assessment is not 'one size fits all', there are a range of different tests available and our Organisational Development Consultants and Psychologists will advise you and your organisation to ensure that the most appropriate tool is used for the most effective solution.

Contact the Organisational Development team to know more about what we offer and how our services can best help your team. 

Candidates, click here, to learn more about Psychometric Testing, testing tips and sample questions.