Is Your Star on the Rise?

Posted by on 16 October 2014 | Comments

Do you aspire to be a part of a large national public relations, marketing and communications company?  Have you ever dreamt of a company that practises an integrated and collaborative approach geographically as well as across all disciplines?

It so happens that Bernadette Sharkey-Burns has found this elusive company and in turn they have requested we find them an elusive someone…

…this person is after the next step in their career, they seek challenges and opportunity. Focused on growing and developing their career they have already gained experience within a variety of projects, which would include technology, public awareness and industry associations, all the while utilising their social media, media relations and excellent writing skills and expertise. This talented rising star will have a focus on delivering to the highest level with an ability to build and manage client relationships and bring their own brand of energy to an already energetic team environment.

As stated above, our client seeks a seriously special and stand out individual, however, be reminded that this Senior Account Manager role is with an industry leader - the fact is special people make a company that extra bit special and our client is a stand out in that regard.

If you have at least four years agency experience and believe your star is on the rise then Bernadette Sharkey-Burns would love to hear from you on 04 4996161 for a confidential chat.   

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The Job Market Post Election

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With the election now over the market nationally is gaining pace. Richard Bayly from Seek says, "New Zealand job ad's are up 10% since July 2013 with solid growth nationally over 2014." Business confidence remains high over the country with the key drivers being agriculture, construction and real estate.

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Play a Part in Shaping a City

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Who are the people who have the ability to make a difference to the very shape, feel and heart of a city? This is not simply about how a city functions but in how that city will evolve for generations to come. These are the people who dream of breathing life into a vision, who understand that they have the ability to impact on thousands and thousands of lives – every single day.

Upper Hutt City Council has a vision which is plainly spelt out in their mission statement;
“To enhance the quality of life in Upper Hutt by providing leadership, support and services to the community.”

To be an integral part of the team that breathes life into this mission statement you will be an experienced Planning Policy Manager or a Senior Planner who is ready to take a step up in your career. It goes without saying you will have a good breadth of technical knowledge and will be highly experienced in all aspects of the RMA. If you have a passion for immersing yourself into highly visible and valuable projects and are committed to your professional and personal development, you already have a huge amount of common ground with Upper Hutt City Council.  

Upper Hutt City Council seeks a planning professional with the required technical knowledge, critical thinking, highly developed analytical skills and more importantly a passion, drive and creativity to use the available tools and resources to build an energetic and flourishing community.

This role is all about being a part of something that you can take pride in.  Upper Hutt City Council is a short and easy commute from Wellington, (if you live in the city you would be going against the flow of traffic each way!), offers free parking to the successful candidate and a supportive and inclusive team environment.

If you would like to know more please contact Bernadette Sharkey-Burns or Hayley Hollobon on 04 499 6161 for a confidential discussion.

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5 Take Aways From Arianna Huffington

Posted by on 22 September 2014 | Comments

 Arianna Huffington is the chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, an author of a number of books and celebrated columnist.  Her news and blog site, The Huffington Post, won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for national reporting.  

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An Opportunity to be a part of a Vision

Posted by on 22 August 2014 | Comments

"Mobilising Māori land and assets to create this generation's legacy"

This is not simply a role, it is your opportunity to use your writing and communication skills to contribute to the future of Māori and New Zealand, to share in creating a legacy for future generations and to be a part of ensuring Māori land is protected and enhanced.

Our client is defined by its proven ability to work in partnership with owners of Māori land.  Through your writing and communications you will have a rare opportunity to build on past and current success in ensuring engagement, connection and empowerment.  To be a part of this vision you will have a passion and drive for presenting success stories to a variety of audiences across different mediums, and have a desire to see owners of Māori land succeed.

As a diverse organisation, it offers candidates the chance to broaden their industry experience as it works across the professional services, property, investment and agricultural sectors.

Our client seeks an experienced Communications Advisor who, along with all the relevant experience and skills, has drive and strong people skills. Knowledge of Māori tikanga and some Te Reo skills are highly desirable, but the client would consider candidates who value Maori culture and are open to learning.  This is your chance to make a very real difference and to do something that matters for both today and tomorrow.

To apply, visit www.momentum.co.nz and enter the reference number 1721246 including your CV with a brief summary of your relevant skills and experience.  For further information in strict confidence, please contact Bernadette Sharkey-Burns or Hayley Hollobon on 04 499 6161.

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Employee Engagement

Posted by on 18 August 2014 | Comments

I was at a conference on Wednesday and I thought it was worth sharing this gem from Maslow.

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Business and Rugby, Who Is Ahead Of The Game?

Posted by on 7 July 2014 | Comments

Sir Graham Henry made the leap from his hugely successful career coaching the All Blacks to Momentum's boardroom in 2012.  Having coached the worlds most successful rugby team, Sir Graham's take on leadership is one of team involvement and engagement. 

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Keeping It Positive

Posted by Mereana Hawthorn on 19 May 2014 | Comments

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a lunch to listen to Mary Cranston. To be honest I had no idea who she was and had to 'Google' her.  She is now a name I will never forget.

Mary Cranston is one of America's best-known female lawyers.  She was a partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and served as its Chairman of the Board.  She has been named one of "The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America" by the National Law Journal, one of two "Best Law Firm Leaders in the United States" by Of Counsel and has been profiled as "One of the Best Female Antitrust Lawyers in the World" by Global Competition Review. She was the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Margaret Brent Award, the American Bar Association’s highest award for female lawyers, who demonstrate legal excellence and help pave the way for other women in law.

Mary spoke about a number of things including the unconscious bias against women on boards, governance and leadership. However, it was her piece on surrounding yourself with people or tasks that energise you that really resonated with me.

Mary shared that work life balance and being able to rest and refuel during the weekends, is almost a myth for full-time working mothers. I am the mother of two young boys, and find I have failed when it comes to finding balance and due to the senior positions I’ve held, it’s generally my family or friends that have suffered. This hit home, when my mates started calling my husband for a general chit chat, knowing that they will have a better chance of getting hold of him than me!

Mary’s energising tips for Work, Family and Friends:

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Recruitment - Human Resources Specialist

Posted by on 1 May 2014 | Comments

•    Opportunity for a change of direction
•    Part of an organisational growth initiative

Our needs are simple, but offer someone a fabulous opportunity.

As part of our strategy to take advantage of an obviously strengthening economy we have developed a growth initiative in Auckland with a key requirement being the employment of a Human Resources professional. You will want to take a very different professional course but still spend each day talking to and meeting with your peers in the market that you are passionate about. So long as you have the Human Resources experience and passion we will develop the other skills you need to be a successful recruitment professional.

On the other hand, if you are a recruiter who has a successful track record and has either worked in, or has the propensity to work in the Human Resources market, then of course we want to hear from you.

You will become our market expert in Auckland for the Human Resources discipline, one that is brimful of fascinating and energetic professionals, both clients and candidates.

If the idea of a role that is people focused but with the edge of sales and relationship development appeals, please call Graeme Sandri on 029 248 8502 for a confidential discussion or alternatively send your CV and cover letter to graemesandri@momentum.co.nz quoting reference 35545.

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Work Life Health Check

Posted by Mereana Hawthorn on 28 April 2014 | Comments

Before I start I have to acknowledge my old boss from Mediaworks Brent Impey, I was working as a GM of Operations at another company and asked him if he wanted to be on the advisory board. He answered me in 5 seconds flat with a quick no, and then shared with me the reasons why.

I found these reasons so invaluable that I use them regularly for myself and have shared it with friends and work colleagues.  

Whether you are contemplating a new role, or have been working for a few years in your current role, you need to do a Work Life Health Check.  
Some of us either don’t take the time to really think about what we are doing; then in 10 years’ time you reflect on your life and wonder how you ended up where you are. Or you fall into the camp of over analysing every career decision, making you more confused and unsure.  

For a Work Life Health Check, you need to ask yourself these three questions:
1: Am I passionate about this?
2. Will I be challenged?
3. Can I add value?

Sounds simplistic, but when you think about it, these are all the questions you need.  The key is to answer them honestly and be able to say yes to all three.

Without passion, once new job enthusiasm runs out you’re going to run out of fuel and struggle.  If you’re not being challenged, then you’re not growing as an individual, so what’s the point?  If you can’t add value, chances are high you won’t go far in the company and/or last long in that role.

So if you’ve answered no to any of the above, then maybe it’s time for a change and a chat.
Contact Mereana Hawthorn National Manager – Sales, Marketing, Digital and Management at Momentum.

Email: mereana@momentum.co.nz

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